lim jia sheng,

.Digital Photo & Imaging

lecture/tutorial: Introduction

In this live lecture, we were brought through the class platforms and communication channels, as well as given a brief briefing on later projects. We were then left with a few tasks to complete as a warm up, before any real exercises/projects were given.


practical: Bootstrapping


    1. practice "Bezier Game".
    2. start e-portfolio.
    3. on behance/pinterest:
      1. create a moodboard.
      2. collect 3 graphic works and talk about why we like them.


1. The Bezier Curse

Figure 1, End of Bezier Game, 29/3/21

I played the game for a while and managed to get a few where I exceeded the "ideal" solution, ending up at 40 nodes to spare.

2. Starting an E-Portfolio

Well, I do hope I'll be able to do that soon /s

3. Design Fishing (on Behance/Pinterest)

I started out by scouting for cool designs. Since I was a little more familiar with Behance, I decided to do most of my hunting there. 

Out of the ~10 I found, here are the 3 I think stand out the most:
Figure 2, Graphic from Cube Circle Behance Project, 19/8/19



"I feel like this project is a great balance of simplicity and versatility. In the presentation, the logo mark can be seen being used as heading frames, plus symbols, as well as a replacement for hamburger menus. This definitely emphasizes how contrarily in my opinion, the mark can’t stand on its own; combined with all the auxiliary (3D furniture renderings, nature imagery…) though, it sticks to the ground tougher than Jack’s beanstalk! Their soft colours, and spacious gutters give off the intended impression of calmness and comfortability as well. All in all, Hue Studio managed to accomplish their goal of creating something distinct, memorable, and brand-representative."



Figure 3, Poster from Zero Posters Vol.2 Behance Project, 13/3/21


"Part of the “Zero Posters Vol.2” collection, this specific poster especially caught my eye with its intricate textures and seemingly very well thought out curves. Upon further investigation, it’s from Zero’s “Workshop 3”, slightly tweaked to extract the raw design into a more “Behance-able” format. Upon even further inspection, the illusion of a strict structured grid quickly falls, and the textures reveal themselves to be a form of turbulent or fractal noise. Overall, the poster presents a great harmony of styles — crossing all the way from typography into realism."


Figure 2, Illustration from Delivery App Behance Project, 18/3/2021


"This one’s a little special, as for me, it sits in an uncanny valley. On one hand, the intense frosted glass and colourful gradients pull me far towards Microsoft’s “fluent” design language, while the UI elements all look clearly inspired by Cupertino’s philosophies. The overall project has a few rough edges (mismatched rounded corners, unfamiliar UX cues, sometimes abysmal information density…) but it’s less of the execution, but rather how accurately I feel it portrays the practical use of “Soft UI” — a concept I feel no one (including me) have been able to pull off in any type of scale. A future like that wouldn’t be too bad!"




    • 1/4/2021
      • Mr. Fauzi noted how the design of the blog was simple and minimal, and made sure it was using blogspot.