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.Digital Photo & Imaging

lecture: Intro to Photoshop 2

In this live lecture, we started out by being brought through a few of the tools in photoshop.



      • Lasso
      • Polygonal Lasso
      • Magnetic Lasso
Used to select an area. 
They're similar to a pencil, which makes them great to use on tablets.


Pen Tool

Used to create a path from scratch. 
The fewer points the smoother the path.

        • Straight Paths
        • U-shaped Curves
        • Simple S-Curves
        • Complex S-Curves


Lasso's vs Pen Tool

      • Lasso's
        • Based on raster math
        • Can be easily precise with high resolution images
        • Natively a "selection tool"
      • Pen Tool
        • Based on vector math
        • Always mathematically precise, but that may not translate into accurate edges because of subpixel interpolations
        • Not natively a "selection tool", but used commonly for selections anyways



Is the act of stacking different images on top of each other.
Digital layers should be able to be adjusted without affecting others (Non-destructive editing).

tutorial: Paths, Masking, & Layering

We were shown the elements that we could use for our later practical lesson first. Then, on an A4 sized file, basic file importing was shown with "RULE OF THIRDS.png" & "GOLDEN RATIO.png". Using the "place" function was preferred as it fit the imported image to the document.

With the document set up, a showcase of the Pen Tool was initiated. We were brought through using it to create a mask over an existing image. After a path/shape was created, by using Ctrl/Cmd+Enter (or Ctrl/Cmd+LMB) on the layer containing the shape, a selection of said shape can be created. Thus, using the selection, we can mask out the existing image and keep only what we want.

Then, we were shown one of the Lasso's, specifically the Magnetic Lasso. The lasso worked best with an existing image with a plain background.

Another point mentioned was that the anti-aliased gradients on the edges should be ignored while selecting, especially using the pen tool. 

practical: Digital Collage

In this session, we were restricted to only basic transformations to force focus on building a strong foundation arrangement. Adding on to that, another constraint of only using the provided elements was given, making sure our hands were held throughout this new process.


Figure 3.1.1, Draft arrangement 1, 12/4/2021


Figure 3.1.2, Draft arrangement 2, 12/4/2021


Figure 3.1.3, Draft arrangement 3, 12/4/2021


    • 13/4/2021
      • Mr. Fauzi noted the 2nd draft (Figure 2.1.2) had good uses of the pen tool, and chose that as the one to proceed into the next step.

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