lim jia sheng,

.Digital Photo & Imaging

lecture: Conceptual PSA Poster Execution

In this live lecture, it turned out to be a continuation for last week's shenanigans, with references to PSA, Ideating a PSA, Defining a PSA, Prototyping a PSA.

We were instructed to do some research about our topic of "Refugees in Malaysia", which can be found in project[2].


tutorial/practical: Recolouring B/W

In this recorded session, it starts out by briefing us about the portrait, and what we're going to do with it — recolour. This is compounded along by bracing for more complex uses of blending modes & masks.

First things first, the famous brush tool in Photoshop. We were brought through size & hardness sliders, as well as selecting the initial skin colour we were going to be working with.

Figure 1.1.1, Brush tool panel in Photoshop, 3/5/2021

Then, we went on with the first layer, by painting a semi-skin looking colour onto the face of the portrait.

Figure 1.1.2, Nightmares, 3/5/2021

We then went ahead & tweaked the saturation of the base layer. I did mine with adjustment layers since they're non-destructive by default. At this point, it was rinse and repeat with every other part of the image.

Figure 1.1.3, Hue/Saturation panel of adjustment layer, 3/5/2021


Figure 1.1.4, Progression layer stack, 3/5/2021

 If you have a keen eye, you might've noticed a few extra layers not included in the tutorial. I decided to add some """blush""" & desaturation to parts of the skin to give it a more natural look.

Figure 1.1.5, Final result of recolouring, 3/5/2021