lim jia sheng,

.Digital Photography & Imaging

lecture: Digital Surrealism

What is Digital Surrealism?

A movement focused on artist expression through surreal visuals.

How to start Digital Surrealism?

  1. Sketch it out. It doesn't have to be refined or have any details yet, just having the key points of one's vision.
  2. Find references. Images can help relate to the vision one may have, & bridge it into the real world.

How to think during creating Digital Surrealism?

  1. "Does it look real". Surrealism shines best when it is at least partially believable.
  2. "Be daring". Don't be scared, challenge oneself. The worst thing that could happen is one backing off from an idea because of the difficulty in execution.

Realism vs Surrealism

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Figure 1.1.3, (Left) Example of realism, (Right) example of surrealism, n.d

  • Realism
    • Directly takes subject matters from reality.
    • Does not perform "transformations" onto the subject.
    • Aim is to stick to reality as much as possible.
  • Surrealism
    • Indirectly takes subject matters from reality.
    • Messes the subject up.
    • Aim is to warp reality & create dream like imagery.