lim jia sheng,

.Information Design

project[1]: Instructable infographics


  • Identify a granny.
  • Identify the processes the granny went through to make their dish.
  • Prepare style tests & sketches.
  • Create instructable infographic of the granny's dish.


Chosen video

'Pasta Grannies make ravioli alla Liguria'

(Ermana Gandolfo)

Ravioli process

  1. Make the filling
    1. Mix
      • marjoram
      • borage
      • dandelion
      • wild radicchio
      • mortadella
      • parmesan
      • 2 eggs
  2. Make the pasta
    1. Mix
      • hard wheat flour
      • soft wheat flour
      • 1 egg
      • water
    2. Knead until silky & soft to touch (~10 minutes)
    3. Use rolling pin & board to roll out the dough until couple of mm thick
  3. Spread filling evenly on half of pasta
  4. Fold remaining pasta on the filling
  5. Pat to remove air pockets
  6. Roll with ravioli rolling pin & cut with pastry cutter
  7. Cook within a couple of hours
  8. Serve with meat ragout, or melted butter & sage


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Style sketch, 20/1/22

Figure 1.2.1, Style sketch, 20/1/22

I wanted to do something "sketchy", where the typography would reflect the nature of the video — wonky & amateurish, being their 2nd ever attempt.


I started out in 3D yet again. I took my time modelling mostly everything featured in the scene, as well as the large majority of the materials.

The ingredients, 23/1/2022

Figure 1.3.1, The ingredients, 23/1/2022

The finished scene, 24/1/2022

Figure 1.3.2, The finished scene, 24/1/2022

After that, I wrote out a title, & brought it into Illustrator to add actual text.

Title + render + background, 24/1/2022

Figure 1.3.3, Title + render + background, 24/1/2022

Next came the scribbles. I took the artboard & drew over it in Photoshop. Can't beat them brushes!

Scribbles in Photoshop, 24/1/2022

Figure 1.3.4, Scribbles in Photoshop, 24/1/2022

To wrap it all up & tie it together, would be a long compositing session in the old friend of After Effects. This would be much more of an involved process than expected, as I was only intending to slap a grade on the piece to call it a day. However, I added:

  1. Paper texturing
  2. Crinkle overlay
  3. Crinkle displacement
  4. Glow splotches
  5. Strokes around scribbles
  6. Holes at top & bottom
  7. A grade (:

All that would end me up with something like this:

Draft poster, 25/1/2022

Figure 1.3.5, Draft poster, 25/1/2022

After some feedback, I changed things around, with the most notable aspects being the arrangement of the ingredients, addition of baking tray, selective strokes, & as well somewhere along the way (I honestly don't remember) an improved grade.


Final infographic poster, 27/1/2022

Figure 1.4.1, Final infographic poster, 27/1/2022


  • 25/1/2022
    • The top part doesn't look like it's the ingredients; it looks like the finished product. Rearranging them could help.
    • The bottom part doesn't look like it's the finished product. Adding a baking tray could help.
    • The hand-drawn text is a bit illegible with the strokes around it.
  • 27/1/2022
    • It's more clearer with the ingredients split out like that.
    • I need to add the source somewhere.


It was an interesting experience. Honestly, more like an exercise in how-much-can-I-get-away-with-in-as-short-amount-of-time-possible, since this project was introduced & crammed between so much more. However, pulling through, it wasn't too unpleasant, & I feel like I've definitely learnt a lot practical execution skills.

These skills would include hard surface modelling, some sculpting, using displacement to create surface deformities, the "Transmission" attribute on Blender's Principled BSDF, & how to get kind of nice looking strokes. I also really enjoyed how mixing things which were very "sane" (eg. the text with the Menti typeface) & the scribbles (my literal villain arc(s)).

Beyond such practical skills came softer ones. These would include composition, & arrangement to optimize for information clarity, utilizing things like chunking & Gestalt Principles. All that would be from now, drilled into my head, unfortunately somewhat non-consensually, but hey, it's useful & I'm sure it'll come in very useful in the future, sometime.