lim jia sheng,

.Design Research Dissertation

project[3]: Journal publication


  • Pick a research objective
  • Write article based on KREATE template



Nothing much this week. Going through each research objective, I found the last one most gravitating as a candidate for “shortening”. With simply that tingle, I went & scraped together a vision of what an article about the expulsion of dark patterns would read like, & left it like that until it was time to write it.


I wrote the big part of the article according to the findings from the dissertation & some senior references. Showing it to Dr. Hayati, she had some thoughts. I went through every single one of her points & cleaned up the work. I also took some of the help targeted at the article & applied it onto my main dissertation, more precisely being the change of the nomenclature of “staging group”. I did, at the end of the day, end up deciding to not declare the article as a piece of derivative work based on the dissertation, as I thought that it did have enough meat to stand on its own.


Figure 1.1.1, Journal article, 6/7/2022


Yep, still hate writing. This was, bearable though, as it fed from the main dissertation. It was interesting to see the hard word counts & formatting guidelines, definitely not something I noticed as I was scouring through articles spanning across multiple publications. Besides that, getting a peep into the process & how articles are mostly chopped up versions of larger research efforts, is super cool.

For the things I've learnt — compressing large thoughts into small spaces. The strict word counts was challenging, putting pressure on the notorious balance between clarity & terseness. However, when things get successfully written into the confines of the template, it is kinda satisfying. Beyond just summaries, I did also learn a little about titling & writing to catch a reader's eye — competition things.

At the end of the day, it's still writing, I still hate it, but not as much as I expected. I did learn about its ins & outs, as well as its execution, which I know if I ever reach a point of article construction in my research career, I'd appreciate knowing.